Areas of Experience

NWD Legal offers legal consultancy services in all matters pertaining to banking, finance, business, corporate and property rights.
The list below shows a summary of the main fields of practice.

Banking, finance and capital markets

Consultancy services covering the regulation of banks, securities traders, investment funds, pension funds, stock exchange, state and international companies.

General corporate laws

Corporate laws for private companies and companies traded on markets Incorporation of companies, administration of corporate affairs, liquidation Increase/decrease of equity capital Modification to legal matters of a company, sessions of Board of Directors, General Meeting.

Mergers & acquisitions

Acquisitions and divestment of shares, organizational divisions or property Mergers of companies LBO and MBO transactions Proposal for takeovers.

Supervision of mergers, competitive and administrative laws

Management in relation to mergers between companies Unfair competition laws Activities in relation to the protection of competition Public tenders State subsidies.

Real estate

Purchase and sale of real estate Development of projects Financing Rental contracts for lessees and lessors Building laws and practice Approval of administration proceedings Questions over conformity to legal directives Easements and agreements on the common use of real estate.

Telecommunications and the media

Telecommunication and media laws Regulation issues Financing and structuring of telecommunication projects Licence administration proceedings

Intellectual laws

Patents, registered marks, copyrights and industrial property rights Licences, franchising and sponsorship Data protection Software rights E-commerce.

Court and arbitration proceedings

Trade disputes Arbitration Conciliation proceedings.

Bankruptcy and settlement proceedings

Bankruptcy laws and Restructuring.

Labour laws and employment

Employment relationships concerning higher management and other categories of employee Labour Rules Rules for new employees General consultancy services with regards to Czech labour laws.

Tax and Accounting

Tax and Accounting.

Payroll Service and Representation of Tax proceedings.

Asset Management

Asset Management + Protection & Administration of investment including Trusts.


We are a full service, general practice law firm.

Michal Kroft | CEO

GSM: +420 737 289 000

Tel.: +420 224 215 221

E-mail: kroft@nwd-legal.com

Jan Křivonožka | Partner

GSM: +420 737 289 071

Tel.: +420 224 215 221

E-mail: krivonozka@nwd-legal.com

Olga Bezginová | Assistant

Tel.: +420 224 215 221

E-mail: bezginova@nwd-legal.com


  • Aecom
  • ADR-Trans
  • Akrop
  • Alcatel-Lucent
  • AP Corse
  • Aquasoft
  • Aquasystem
  • Associated Weavers
  • Barlev Investigating Auditing
  • Bondsupermarket
  • Body International Brokers
  • Brixit
  • Casopis One
  • CityPlan
  • Cofet
  • COT Media
  • eForum
  • ELAI

  • Eliner
  • Galerie Meridián
  • Data3S Solutions
  • Gama Prague Development
  • GlimmerGlass
  • Hewlett-Packard
  • Hypocentrum
  • Jan Kraus
  • Cofet
  • Město Litoměřice
  • Logica
  • Masada Security
  • Město Mělník
  • Mero
  • Město Nymburk
  • Ministerstvo financí České republiky
  • Ministerstvo práce a sociálních věcí
  • Ministerstvo vnitra České republiky

  • Proventus
  • Pražské služby
  • Purum
  • Rio Games
  • SCK (stredocesky kraj)
  • SAN SEVERO a.s.
  • Skylimit Investments
  • Star Capital Finance
  • Státní ústav pro kontrolu léčiv
  • TechDraw CZ
  • TechDraw Holding
  • Telenor
  • TenCate
  • TradeOptimize
  • Universita Karlova v Praze
  • Vodovody a kanalizace Nymburk
  • WindTronics East
  • Zaphirus

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